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Video Programs for Sale: BASIC BALLET 6

Basic Ballet 6
Center Class A & B
100 minutes
Now also available on DVD

Center Class A: Connecting Movements Sideways
Center Class B: Connecting Movements Forwards

These programs present in-depth, step-by-step instruction in connecting ballet movements performed in the center of the floor. Finis Jhung explains, demonstrates and critiques each exercise. The exercises are demonstrated moving to the right and left side. Ballerina, Jennifer Goodman of the Joffey Ballet, demonstrates.

Each ballet exercise is presented as follows:
A: Finis gives a description of the exercise by walking through the steps.
B: Jennifer demonstrates the exercise, accompanied by pianist Webster Smith.
C: Finis critiques and discuses Jennifer's demonstration.
D: Jennifer performs the dance combination to both sides (left and right).

Class A: Connecting Movements Sideways
1. Adagio
2. Tango
3. Changement
4. Little Jumps
5. Little Jumps and Beats
6. Galop
7. Balancing in Passé Class

B: Connecting Movements Forwards
1. Adagio
2. Jig
3. Changement Waltz
4. Quick Jumps & Beats
5. Jumping Pas de Bourrées
6. Galop
7. Special Stretches using the Ballet Barre
8. Using the Mirror for Turns. 


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