Video Programs for Sale: Modern Dance Class

José Limón Technique
taught by DANIEL LEWIS
(50 minutes)

Now also available on DVD

José Limón pioneered a modern dance technique that has become the basis for an entire dance generation. His technique and repertory are known throughout the world as performed by the José Limón Dance Company.

Daniel Lewis, a graduate of the High School of the Performing Arts and the Juilliard School, was a principal member of the José Limón Dance Company from 1962-1974. He is dean of dance at the New World University for the Performing Arts. This program presents in-depth instructions in the José Limón Technique. It details a step-by-step progression featuring front and side views of 36 essential exercises. These exercises are invaluable to the modern dance teacher and student.

Demonstrated by professional modern dancers:
Charlton Boyd
Jane Carrington
Emilie Plauche
Kirk Ryder

Reed Hansen


1: Hand Isolations
2: Shoulder Isolation
3: Preparation for Successional Spine
4: Preparation for Successional Arms
5: Isolations Lying Down
6: Bounces Standing
7: Preparatory Exercise for Alignment, Fall, Rebound in the Body & Knees

8: Spinal Successional
9: Bounces with Successional Arms
10: Bounces with Twist
11: Bounces with Twist Body-Arms/Changing Meter
12: Body Swings

13: Standing Bounces
14: Tendu Series
15: Plié Series
16: Body Swings in Second Position
17: Rebounds in Threes
18: Slow Twos-Fast Threes
19: Slow Twos-Fast Threes with Full Body
20: Slow Twos-Fast Threes with Turn
21: Body Falls
22: Développé Series
23: Lunge Series
24: Lunge Series with Half Turn
25: Lunge Series with Full Turn
26: Spinal Turns
27: Twelve Count Phrase
28: Twelve Count Phrase with Passé
29: Twelve Count Phrase with Turn

30: Body as an Orchestra
31: Piqué Series
32: Hop Series
33: Movement from CHACONNE
34: Movement from MISSA BREVIS
35: Warm Down


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